I thought it was really interesting. They put a lot into it.

Just look at us, ... We're a big welcome sign to the freshmen and transfers that says when you become a member of this university, you become a member of the community as well.

This is still the most insidious threat to our wildlife ... You can talk about wolves and grizzly bears, but this disease scares me for a variety of reasons.

People are right back where they were four years ago, confronting the reality that there are forces so much larger than them.

The original drawing of the chief was used by my alma mater, Towanda, for the symbol of the Towanda Redskins in 1954, ... I would like to present it my beloved town.

There are so many cars, the plows can't get through.

I want to make it clear to sportsmen that this is federal money being spent, not Game and Fish dollars, ... But this is an excellent project.

This is an excellent project.