Look, if you're going to have millions of vehicles going on the highways, am I going to predict no traffic jam in next three days? Obviously not. There will be a bunch of vehicles moving, and all it takes is one stalled or wrecked vehicle to create a backup.

Those people at risk should not get on the highways to evacuate. People should prepare to shelter in place if they have not evacuated.

Coming into our community at a pace of 30 an hour.

It was just totally unacceptable that there was not adequate fuel supplies stashed around the state, ... That's a part of the state plan that's going to need improvement.

We are not encouraging the general public to go into the streets looking for shelter.

Hurricane Rita is dangerous, and Houston is well-prepared.

You can't predict the weather. Hurricanes can move in any direction. If you evacuate two or three times and it saves your life only once, that once is enough.

[But the worst of Rita missed Houston and Galveston, and officials there were cautiously optimistic early Saturday.] At least, right now, we're okay, ... The assessment so far is that Houston is weathering the storm.

Like a dead skunk in the middle of the road, it stinks to high heaven.