Bill Shankly
FameRank: 6

"William "Bill" Shankly" Order of the British Empire/OBE was a Scotland/Scottish association football/footballer and Manager (association football)/manager who is best known for his time as manager of Liverpool F.C./Liverpool.

Shankly came from a small Scottish mining community as one of five brothers who played football professionally. He played as a ball winning Wing half/right half and was capped twelve times for Scotland national football team/Scotland, including seven wartime internationals. He spent one season at Carlisle United F.C./Carlisle United before spending the rest of his career at Preston North End F.C./Preston North End, with whom he won the FA Cup in 1938 FA Cup Final/1938. His playing career was interrupted by his service in the Royal Air Force during the World War II/Second World War. He became a manager after he retired from playing in 1949, returning to Carlisle United F.C./Carlisle United. He later managed Grimsby Town F.C./Grimsby Town, Workington A.F.C./Workington and Huddersfield Town F.C./Huddersfield Town before moving to become Liverpool manager in December 1959.

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Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.

If you're not sure what to do with the ball, just pop it in the net and we'll discuss your options afterwards.

A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are.

Me having no education. I had to use my brains.

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.

What a great day for football, all we need is some green grass and a ball.

The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they do not know the game.

Aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor.

Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass. It is terribly simple.

This city has two great teams - Liverpool and Liverpool reserves.