Bill Read
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"William L. Read" has served the United States Navy and the National Weather Service during his career. His weather service career began in 1977, and he has worked in Sterling, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Silver Spring, Maryland, Houston, Texas, and Miami, Florida over the years. Bill was appointed as the Deputy Director of the National Hurricane Center From August 2007 until he was selected for the position of director on January 25, 2008.

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She's got good hands and a lot of potential.

You have to foster the belief in every employee that innovation is important. It starts with an employee's first day. You can't flip the switch when people reach middle management, and tell them to start thinking about new ways of doing business.

A company with a static supply chain strategy will not be successful in the future.

Some providers are capable of bringing innovative ideas to the table, but the customers sometimes do not want ideas, they only want a contract provider for specific services.

Seek people who are open to change, to thinking differently about the future, and doing business differently.

Collaborating with trading partners is one key area of innovation today.

The 'adaptive supply chain' has been the buzz over the last few years.

Due to their exposure to ample transportation and fulfillment challenges, 3PLs have developed creative ways to get product to the shelf.

The call to evacuate will be two days in advance, and at two days, we have a one in four chance of a direct hit.