If you have two runners of equal quality, the one who's running all the time will perform better. It hurts them in terms of running, but I never expected any more. Running is their second choice. If they had to choose, they would choose the other sport. Of course, we'd like them to be full-time runners, but they are doing well.

You have to feel it out and see where everyone's at.

We have to run with people from our neighborhood. That's how it goes.

It doesn't have to be running, just something aerobic.

We're the second 3A school. The top runner has never been a problem, but now they have the rest of the team.

In girls, a freshman can be a star. In boys, they need to be a junior or senior to be a champion runner.

Cross-country and soccer practice coincide. It's the nature of the beast.

You never know what's going to happen. In cross-country it's the entire race.