Our own intelligence people are not of the view that this was an attack specifically on the Canadian embassy.

We do not believe that the Canadian Embassy itself was specifically targeted.

We came into the season [having completed] a shopping readiness analysis [of everything] from network infrastructure and capacity to communications lines.

It's something that won't go away. We're very resentful . . . because not one suspect had been in Canada. All had been in the U.S., training in the U.S., with valid U.S. visas.

We're working on how we can deal with this situation in a scientific way.

They are strictly rationed in respect of our needs to get around our country and for our international travel.

Two Tickets to Paradise.

A coordinated response is being prepared, ... We made it clear that if military assets are needed, we will make available whatever is requested.

Well then there would have to be housing for them to move to and we're looking at all possibilities but we obviously have to have a practical solution as well.