Bill Black
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"William Patton "Bill" Black, Jr." was an American musician who is noted as one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. Black was the bassist in Elvis Presley's early trio and the leader of "Bill Black's Combo".

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I think that was absolutely the right choice.

We thought we'd experienced mobility.

We're going to have to start thinking more seriously about fuel efficiency, about conservation, ... You're not going to change our habits overnight, but we can look at some things to encourage people.

Hello, governor, why should the state checkbook fund benefit when working men and women are suffering, ... How long has it been since the governor has gone to a filling station and filled up himself? You can become pretty isolated when you don't have to do that.

A special session may be premature, ... Do we have enough votes to do some of this? Is the governor willing to sign a sales tax abeyance into law?

First and foremost, he's just one heck of a nice guy, ... Secondly, he's just pretty sharp. A lot of people have stereotypes about football players. Mike Bass is a very intelligent man. He did an outstanding job as appropriations director. Probably to this day, he has a better grasp of the state budget process than most people who work in Springfield.

You really want whoever wins this to have a united party.

From a pure economic standpoint, I understand that this is a worldwide economic matter, but that should not preclude governments taking some short term measures simply because this is having a devastating effect on working men and women.