This makes up for it big time. I feel so good for these kids. We didn't think we would get this far this year. We've got eight new starters in the lineup, and they came through big time.

He's got it down to a 'T' — I wish more guys could do that. He works it just like a double-leg (takedown). It's just bread-and-butter for him.

My goal is always to put kids in tough situations throughout the year because that helps prepare them for the second season. We have done that, and now it's time for our guys to go out and get it done. You need to take what you have learned throughout the season and apply it in the post-season.

He handled it real well. He certified on the 23rd of December. But he was never down there again. We said to him, 'Eric, you're going to be a key if we move you down to 171. Can you do it?' He said, 'Yeah.' And he did it. And he won two big matches for us.

Hey, do you know what? We're going to win. Plain and simple. We're going to have to step it up a notch. But I'm excited. The kids are excited. We're going down to win. We've seen these teams all year long. That's what has taken us to this point. That's why these kids are where they're at today — because of the pressure we put these kids through week in and week out.