Our unemployment has been steadily dropping over the past several years. We are going from a time when people can't find jobs to the other end of the spectrum, where employers can't find people.

A lot of companies are quietly expanding. Everywhere I go, I pick up more confidence.

The concept is fine. We are concerned about it being a neutral statute. If you're going to have a restriction on speech, it has to be content neutral. It has to be reasonable. It can't be too broad. The main concern is that it specifically only protects or creates a zone around funerals involving the military.

Businesses are really now doing much better. There's been a lot of quiet activity. It certainly bodes well for a very good year.

One of the new things we saw in our last business confidence survey, right up there, was trouble finding new workers.

We're not going to fix housing costs, but we can stress how can we help you move here, if you're interested.

Everybody gets some level of follow-along. We touch base with them on a regular schedule to see how things are going.

If law enforcement misuses them, there should be consequences for that officer, up to and including dismissal from the force.