There will be plenty of prawns and oysters, and plenty of refreshments to wash it all down with.

Anyone who has a strong drive, they'll still succeed, but when you're surrounded by more people who have the drive, it makes it seem like you can reach higher goals. You set your goals higher and you work harder and it usually ends up working out.

It's going along really strongly. We're able to rely on each other. Everyone's feeding off each other and everyone's just doing better than expected. We're just hitting right where we want to be.

The entire day is all-inclusive and I think its great value at $75.

I think we have a good shot at getting top three and I think we can be competitive to win. It's going to be really, really hard. We all have to step up. We think its going to be a close meet at states and we just want to come out on top.

We just need to get as many tries on the board as we can against Pirates. Both teams are going to be very hard opposition to get any points off.