"Barry Morrison"

/nickname="The Bizness"

/weight=light welterweight

/nationality= Scotland/Scottish


/birth_place=Bellshill, Scotland

/home=Motherwell, Scotland

/style=orthodox stance/orthodox






/no contests=0


"Barry Morrison", is a Scotland/Scottish boxing/professional boxer who fights in the light welterweight division.

He is a former BBBofC/British light welterweight champion.

More Barry Morrison on Wikipedia.

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To be a skinhead is to be violent. They have a great tendency to engage in criminal activity.

Some people look like neo-nazis or skinheads, but do not have the same ideology of hatred. They would not attack minorities and single them out.

We sponsored a former neo-nazi to speak and had films and workshops ... so that young people will not find appeal in hate groups and skinheads.

All of these things have given us the impression that the skinhead movement has been growing.

We devote a good amount of time, energy and efforts educating them about bigotry and hatred.

The skinhead phenomena originally was not tied to hatred and bigotry when it began in England.