"Barry King" is a British former Olympic decathlete who is now an author, corporate director, corporate board member and specialist in Olympic marketing and sports development. He is founder and chief executive officer of Outdoor-Fitness, LLC.,

co-founder of Sports Directions Corporation, and served as a director at the United States Olympic Committee for 14 years during the height of the United States Olympic Committee's organizational and fundraising successes.

He grew up in England and obtained a track and field scholarship from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the United States. His first major international competition came when he represented England at the Athletics at the 1970 British Commonwealth Games/1970 British Commonwealth Games, where he won the bronze medal in the decathlon. He then took part in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich two years later, competing for Great Britain at the 1972 Summer Olympics/Great Britain. He ranked fifteenth overall in the Olympic decathlon competition. He returned to the podium at the Athletics at the 1974 British Commonwealth Games/1974 British Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand, this time coming away with the silver medal.[http://sports123.com/ath/mco-dec.html Sports 123: Athletics: Commonwealth Games: Men: Decathlon]

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We're going to need to continue to play good, solid team defense -- we need to refine that even more. But even more importantly, I think we need to finish off our opportunities when we get them. Right now we're about 50-50 in converting some of those opportunities into goals and we need to make that more of a certainty.

We were able to do the things that we've been working on in practice really well. We weren't out there just to 'out-talent' people.

Maggie Hannon had a really good day on Sunday. She has shown signs of growing and developing as a player. Maggie is learning to take advantage of her natural skills.

I felt like we received a good team effort throughout the weekend. It was nice to see the team in good spirits and happy for one another. Our bench was excited and cheering for their teammates. It is always a positive and an important factor for success to have a team gel as a unit both in and out of the pool.