There are some areas close to the runway at the airport, along the river and a couple of areas in an industrial park, ... There is basically zilch for places they will be able to live.

Technically, they can't live there once we've notified them, ... But we're going to be reasonable.

We're still working on what a reasonable amount of time is.

There has been a deluge of calls from offenders.

This is a work in progress, ... We want to do this as accurately as we can.

We are going to have to work with people, ... We are going to be telling them they need to move or be in violation.

All I can tell them at this point is that we will let them know.

We're going to go slow and steady on this, ... We in law enforcement are going to meet with prosectors next Wednesday, and we're going to talk about it.

Realistically, I can't see any place that would work. I don't know that anybody could actually find a place to live.