Daniel has a special way with children in that he seems to understand how they think and treats them with unique respect.

It is kind of wacky, but it is how we make our money to fund our company.

Our panel selected these organizations based on the creative ways they're working to build relationships with the next generation of supporters. For these organizations to thrive and deliver their vital services in Northeast Ohio, it is critical that they think about ways to engage these supporters and sustain those relationships over the long term.

We're a very small group, and we are desperate for volunteers.

When I saw his photograph, I thought how beautiful he was, ... He deserves to be remembered.

The next generation is trying to make a difference. Most of the people helping us out (at the road race) are people who have lost a parent.

You seen him digging behind the house. He said something's wrong with the septic tank, but the neighbor had so much trouble with it, so they came about six months ago when [Marsh] came over and dug it up.

Whatever he felt strongly about, he would get involved in.