We got in foul trouble and had to put in some subs we wouldn't have played that early. That possibly hurt us on the backboard. That's where the game was won, on the offensive rebounds. They had at least half a dozen chances to take three, four, five shots. That's the difference in a four-point game like this.

She started off the season playing much more aggressive because she felt like she had to. She just got it in her mind that she was not going to be denied.

In that third quarter, they were able to get some rebounds on the offensive end that helped them get back in the game. Ashley (Scott) had a great game, but it was going to take more than one player to beat this team.

She's the best player in SCISAA. And that's not arguably or any of that nonsense. But we just didn't get enough other contributions tonight.

I think the thing that hurt us was the third quarter. We allowed them to get too many second-chance shots, and they just came out with more fight and intensity than we did. That was the difference.

She averages more points against those public schools than she does against SCISA. And we're not talking just Class A and 2A schools. We're talking about (Class 4A schools) Goose Creek and Stratford.

It got us out of our rotation and affected what we wanted to do. It was almost like trying to put a Band-Aid on it just to get to the second half.