There has no indication of any misuse of the data.

If we conclude an unauthorized transaction has taken place in their Fidelity account as a result of this incident, we will reimburse them for account losses connected with the unauthorized transactions.

We've found that diversifying geographically offers a number of advantages. It allows us to keep the business running 24/7 year round, provides redundancy for contingency planning and multiple back-up systems.

We have no indication that any of the information's been misused. We went back and monitored activity in accounts since the theft, and we find nothing to indicate there's any unusual or suspicious activity.

It is not our practice to have that level of data on a laptop. We limit significantly the use of such confidential data outside of Fidelity to only those instances where the information is appropriate or required for meetings with clients about their specific plans and participants.

We haven't made any decision about an expansion there or anywhere else. We're a growing company, so we're always looking. We don't discuss what we may or may not be considering.

We are a mobile world. You need to travel to clients and customers in person and give information to them in detail.

Whether or not we are an investor in these stocks is irrelevant to how we feel the NYSE structure disadvantages certain investors by giving privileges to a certain few.

Last year was the best in Fidelity's history.