We are not only letting them know they will see an increase, but letting them know how they can save.

The pen and pencil of the 21st century is the computer.

We're still waiting for word.

The Busy Bee Cafe was a popular hangout, especially after the young people attended the Princess Theater movies, ... They would eat the delicious chili, Italian food and pies my mother made.

How do you market Dane County as a whole, when there is some real divergence?

It used to take forever to achieve even 70 percent generic uptake. Consumers are much more willing to take a generic now than ever before.

We kept finding that we didn't have engineers trained for the jobs companies moving here needed.

Once Validation Authority is fully deployed, more than 800,000 Army personnel will be able to use their Common Access Cards in compliance with the new DOD mandate to access department networks, communicate via e-mail and conduct other transactions with a substantially greater level of assurance.

To imagine that an issue of this magnitude would get such an abbreviated report is unbelievably ironic given the amount of lip service that has been paid to the notion of open government and transparency lately.