We owe it to future generations to work with landowners to enhance rather than destroy our heritage.

The partners don't get involved in regulation.

It was our goal to get them thinking before prom.

It's only when major handset vendors start bringing out handsets ... that the market can take off. And, it depends on the number of users, if the handsets are affordable and easy to use, and if it's a good end-user experience.

Chips's one of the younger drivers, if not the youngest driver, in the series. For the younger drivers, listening to someone preaching, in effect, it's easier to hear it from someone in that age group.

We're extremely grateful for all the help. We feel blessed to be in such a caring community.

They're a very small portion, at best a couple of percent, in a global market of millions of handsets, which would indicate that the demand isn't there either ... People seem to be happy to communicate with voice and SMS.

When the FBI notified the school board of the teacher in question, Francine took action and he was immediately removed from the classroom. He never taught again.