Andre Williams
FameRank: 10

"Zephire Andre Williams" is an United States/American Rhythm and blues/R&B musician who started his career in the 1950s at Fortune Records in Detroit. His most famous songs include the hits "Bacon Fat" (1957) and "Cadillac Jack" (1966).

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The shots we normally hit, we just miss today.

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It was the worst shooting game we had in the three years I've coached here.

It was hard to just focus on basketball. I'm just used to looking over and glancing at a couple of faces that weren't there. At times, it was hard to just focus on the game. But it's going to be an empty feeling from here on out. I just have to play through it.

They have a great team, and we'll both be going to the national tournament. I just hope my guys don't get too down from this loss.

I think we're the best pressing basketball team in the NAIA. We get our points on offense by creating turnovers on defense and creating easy baskets.

It's going to be a while before any one of us want to get on a smaller plane, I think.

I was told by my mom when I was very young not to drink and to make good decisions so for those who have younger children, I advise them to do that but for those who have children who are my age and have not done that I think they need to check up on their children.