It was on from there, ... We had confidence coming in and we knew that we could play with this guys but that really jumpstarted things.

The offensive line opened a big hole you could drive a tow truck through. I just hit it and got on my horse.

I was surprised in me getting in, ... And everyone got in, so it was pretty good. As many reps as you get against any team, any game experience like with Toney, he got in and got a good game experience...if you put it in perspective of how the game's going to be next week.

[He says he takes great pleasure in helping other hurricane victims out. He is so comfortable in his new surroundings, he said, that he's looking for other friends and family to come to Buffalo.] Come north, it's the best way to go, ... I said, man, the folks is good to you, you have a chance to make a living. They're gonna help you get on your feet. It's up to you what you do from there.

We've got so much stuff now, we're giving stuff to other people, other families that come from New Orleans.

It looks like it's going to be a good job. I have no intention of going nowhere, just learn all I can and move on up.

Whoever went over there unplugged the phones and locked the door behind hisself, and then attacked my grandmother.