Amy Stephens
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"Amy Stephens" is a Colorado legislator. Elected to the Colorado House of Representatives as a United States Republican Party/Republican in 2006, Stephens represented House District 20, which covers northern El Paso County, Colorado, including portions of Colorado Springs, Colorado/Colorado Springs and the areas surrounding the United States Air Force Academy. She served as the House Majority Leader during the two years of Republican control of the House from 2010 - 2012. Following redistricting, Stephens was elected as the representative for Colorado's 19th House District. She had sought the Republican nomination to challenge then-United States Senate/U.S. Senator Mark Udall in United States Senate election in Colorado, 2014/2014, but withdrew from the race on February 27, 2014.

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She's been through it. I admire her perseverance.

Jill looks great. I think she's going to be in position to have a great junior year. Your biggest jump in college usually comes from your freshman to your sophomore year, and she was hurt last year. I think her big jump will come in her junior year.

Indiana State is the clear favorite. They have five seniors back, four of which are starting. They're definitely loaded.

We didn't jell right away, and in a lot of ways I was tougher on her than some of the kids that did leave the program. She was called on the carpet in a lot of areas, but she met those challenges head-on.

She's still not where she needs to be. At 75 percent, she still helps us. She's been very supportive and positive as a bench player.

It was a great defensive effort from top to bottom.

It's especially rewarding coming from a player you didn't recruit. It's an indirect compliment to our staff. Linda has a natural feel for the game. She has a great demeanor with kids. She's going to be a great coach.

We didn't buckle down when we needed to get over the hump late in the game.

You can call me a disciplinarian, but I like to think we brought high expectations to the basketball program in terms of the work ethic, in terms of our vision for the program.