Amy Davis
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"Amy Davis" is a fashion illustrator, actress, filmmaker, and musician. Her father is multi-talented musician Mel Davis (musician)/Mel Davis. Her illustrations have been in shows all over the world as well as in magazines and books. She is married to filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, and helps run his DIY production company, Apathy Productions. In spring of 2011, Jon Moritsugu directed with wife and creative partner, Amy Davis, a music video for the song No Future Shock by Brooklyn rock group TV on the Radio. Rani Molla. "Santa Fe filmmakers Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis veer (very slightly) from their underground experimental base with a music video released today for popular Brooklyn experimental (see!) band TV on the Radio. The video is one in a movie-length series of music videos for the band's new album Nine Types of Light. All the videos were also released as part of a one-hour long movie on the same date.

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We came here to win.

Some people are just destined to be together. That's just the way it is.

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The guitar and flute duet was very fascinating. You don't generally see guitar and flute playing together so I really liked how it came together and blended so well. I enjoyed it a lot.

I want a love like they have in the movies.

True friendship and love are the only things that last forever, even after the Energizer Bunny stops going.

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