"Allen S. Weiner", former Stanford Professor of International Law, is a senior lecturer in International Law at Stanford Law School, and co-director of the Stanford Program in International and Comparative Law and the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation.

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They will need to upgrade the search capabilities to be more personal, targeted and better. An area of technology they should work on is context of search. So if you type in the world 'Polish' and you're looking for Polish ancestry, you won't get results for car polish.

You can debate what you should call it, but in the coming world, it's going to be a user-controlled environment. I watch what I want, when I want.

Brands will succeed on the Web this holiday season. Companies beginning to get exposure right now will have a major uphill fight to get brand recognition.

There is an ancient legend which warns that, should we ever learn our true origin, our universe will instantly be destroyed.

The outcome won't be clear for quite a while.

The cautionary tale is that this is probably the start of some huge traffic spikes, and I hope that companies have their act together infrastructure-wise to meet this.

At first blush it seems kind of strange, but if you look closely there's a lot of logic there.

This year is very do-or-die. Two years ago, people blamed technology; last year they blamed customer service. We're running out of excuses.

I think it was huge. Toys had a huge couple of days (as did) software, categories we thought would be strong.

The first monster event on the Web.