"Allen Hughes" was an American dance and music critic.

Born in Brownsburg, Indiana, Hughes started his career as a critic in 1950 when he joined the staff of Musical America. In 1955, he became a music critic for The New York Herald Tribune. He left there in 1960 to join the staff of The New York Times where he worked as a music and dance critic until his retirement 26 years later in 1986. He was notably chief dance critic of the newspaper from 1963-1965 and was chief music editor of the Sunday Arts and Leisure section during the early 1980s. He died in Sarasota, Florida at the age of 87.

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When he's on, he is as good as anyone we've had. Technique-wise, he's as explosive a wrestler as we've had.

It seems like we've started (in the heavyweights) the last three, four matches. It helps when you have our better boys coming up later. I don't mind finishing up that way.

We try really hard to maintain the focus of this day on the kids.

When you have someone like him for four years and working like that, it's hard to see him lose. He spent a lot of hours preparing for this.

It really is about a whole lot of people working together that really can make a difference if you band together.

We've met them the last two years and we knew they were good. They're better than they were last year.

Bigger kids, once they're on the mat, it's hard to get off. That gave us momentum.

As far as we're concerned, they are the real stars of the event.

Part of this day really is a celebration of all of the work the motorcyclists have done. They've worked all year long - they don't let anyone off the hook.