In our own religion, in our own country.

Pushed Dayton forward, while they were obstructing it.

I have reminded him (Major) that there are some positive as well as some negative elements in the Dayton agreement and that lately, these negative elements are more and more prevailing. That is creating a fear among our people - a fear that that might lead to the disintegration of the country.

At the expense of the Muslim people.

Spoke of the existence of 'extermination camps' in Bosnia.

The time of confrontation and conflicts should be replaced with a time of construction and prosperity.

The signing of this agreement is done in full sincerity on our part, ... will depend on us and what we want to achieve.

My government is taking part in this agreement without any enthusiasm, but as someone taking a bitter yet useful potion or medication.

I think that we have all overestimated the rate of achievement in the Dayton Accords for things such as return of refugees, bringing war criminals to justice, and freedom of movement. Nevertheless, there are positive trends that show promise for the future.