It is an excellent gesture from OPEC to provide 2 million barrels a day of spare capacity to the market, ... If the market feels it needs additional crude, they're welcome to it. It's there.

These are turbulent times for oil markets.

The first match is always difficult. I think we will play better in the following matches.

[Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi said the oil-rich kingdom has the capacity to immediately raise its oil production from around 9.5 million bpd to 11 million bpd if needed.] The crude is available, ... If you want it, there it is.

We don't produce A-cups for some bras with larger chest circumference now as demand is low.

I want to go to Shenzhen or somewhere down south to work as a waitress or in a factory. I don't want to do what my mom does. Life's too tough as a Chinese farmer.

We have offered up to 11 million (barrels a day), but have had no response whatsoever.

We did not play our usual game in the first half and gave away too many opening chances.

I'm always concerned about these types of things. We've said volatility in the market isn't a benefit to the producer and the consumer.

But in the intervening years, when we were supposedly facing ap precipitous decline, world oil reserves more than doubled.

These are turbulent times for oil markets. Prices are under pressure because the petroleum industries infrastructure is stretched thin. Most of the spare capacity of the 1980s and 1990s has disappeared, resulting in a system that has a much smaller margin for error.

Iran have improved rapidly in the past two years. They have very good young players and gave us some trouble.

It is a surprise to win in the National Games. It's my honor to compete with Olympic champions and world champions. I am so lucky today.

It wasn't a cramp. I just felt a bit tired and needed a massage.

OPEC says it has 2 million. You believe it or not, ... all they have to do is ask us.