We were surprised by the narrowing of the approach to openness, ... There are many other different options that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has here that many other countries and states are doing.

They come in at the beginning of the week, we evaluate them, we put them in a band, we work with them one on one, we get them on and off the stage and teach them how to work together as a band.

As we look to the future, and all of these data types become increasingly intertwined, locked-in formats like OpenDocument are not well suited to address these varying data types - as the proposed policy itself acknowledges. ... We would advise the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to do a thorough evaluation of the costs and benefits before making such a major shift.

Public records management is to force a single, less functional document format on all state agencies.

We talked about doing something along the lines of a record label together, maybe me working as the artist/producer while he provided more of the business mind to things, as well as some of his creative input. And here we are.

This is where the rock stuff comes through, ... If something's happening or about to happen, it's gonna come through Smith's. That's probably one of the reasons I gravitate to hanging out around here, just to kind of keep my ear to the ground. There's that rock energy here.

The Office 12 formats pay special attention to compatibility with older document versions, [and] other formats do not concern themselves with this important issue.