This is great, this is a step in the right direction, but as we all know in every other sport, district is when the second season starts. So next week is where it really becomes important that we carry on. This is a good sign in that direction.

He is up there with the greatest the competition has seen. He is all over people with great foot speed, great hand speed. He gives people fits. I thought they looked a bit tired.

He made me the man I am today: proud of being Scottish, proud to be the fixer, proud to save the captain's ass, happy with the bagpipes, my whiskey and my memory. Thank you, Scotty! Thank you for making Scotland great!

Just because Scotty never got the girl, it did not mean he couldn't get a girlfriend, ... He was just too busy saving the ship while Kirk was off on a date.

He was a little down afterwards.

This is definitely a reality check for us, we've just got to learn from this and move on.

We rebounded really well and rebounding is the key if you are going to run.

We're here tonight to remember one of the heroes of the Scottish culture, ... Cmdr. Montgomery Scott - Scotty.

It was a very tough region, very tough competition and a very good golf course.