"Aaron James Small" is an United States/American former Major League Baseball pitcher. He is probably best remembered for his short successful stint as a starting pitcher/starter for the New York Yankees in 2005.

Small also played for the Toronto Blue Jays, Florida Marlins, Oakland Athletics, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Atlanta Braves. Regarded as a career minor leaguer, he played for a total of more than 20 teams, including his major and minor league stops, during his professional career.

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If I could put up the zero, we had a great chance to win this game.

It's a rewarding feeling right now. It can't get any better than this but I hope it does.

Each game is its own game, ... Facing them a week ago, you learn some things from the way they approached you, and you learn from watching the other guys, how they set them up. But it always comes down to executing.

We both know that we've helped.

That's a good thing to hear, and I appreciate it, ... I also think that without the defensive and run support, nothing happens. It's a team game.

Please, somebody pinch me when it's all over.

This is fun. I couldn't have scripted it this way. I'm just hoping for a fairy tale ending.

You didn't know I could hit, did you coach?

[Small] is a perfect example of a guy maximizing his talent, considering he doesn't really have an out pitch. Kids could learn from him.