Aaron Ruell
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"Derek Aaron Ruell" was born in Fresno, California, is an United States/American director and photographer. He is most recognized for his performance as Kip Dynamite in the Independent film/indie movie Napoleon Dynamite.

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Jacob extended a nice invitation, and I accepted. I never really thought of the fan side of it. Sometimes the recognition does get old, but I'm proud of that little movie and what it's done. And I have to play the 'I'm Kip' card to get me anywhere.

I never expected the movie to become as big as it has. I thought that we'd be lucky if a handful of people outside of our small group would get to see it. Everyone involved with the making of this film was shocked that all of a sudden, lines from the movie had become lines that people would say to each other in everyday life. None of us expected that.

He beat the crap out of me, Like you?

People are always saying 'Dude, he sounds like Kip,' ... That's because I frickin' played him.

There was no money for a set photographer.

I get asked if I am Kip about once a week.

You know, this sounds so random, but I would rent out all the rooms in the Madonna Inn - it's in San Luis Obispo, California - and have one final bash with all my friends and loved ones.