Inside these walls, you can be anyone you want to be.

You're only as strong as your fifth runner.

As a coach, I can only give them the formula; they do the work.

It's better when you have two people that kind of grew up together instead of two people who are kind of new and are just kind of pitching and catching out there, ... I know her strengths and weaknesses, and we both know what each other can do.

It can't just be a warm body ... it's got to be somebody who commands respect.

It helps me, personally, to train with people who are better than me. We're with them every Saturday.

She says, ''It's really about doing the science differently, doing the clinical care differently. We're talking about a paradigm shift.

We've got to get our act together, ... We're getting our clock cleaned.

I saw, with him here at the helm, the great potential to do some important things.