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They (Woodstock) are a hard team to play man-to-man, because they have five guys that are a lot alike and are hard to guard. We made the switch to the zone and it seemed to slow them down and take away a lot their passing lanes.

Neal Curland

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Bellows Falls is going to be a big game for us. They are number two in our division and we've played them well in the past. If we keep playing with the intensity we had against Woodstock, we should be all right.

Julie Mcgraw

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I hoped to see a lot of people, but I had no idea it was going to look like this. As far as I could see was people. It was like Woodstock.

Bob Colarossi

[Jim Hanson of Woodstock kept his cool in the heat, even when he donned a Beaver costume to drive his entry,] Rolling Beaver. ... We just want to have fun.

Jim Hanson

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It was Woodstock meets Augusta out there, unbelievable. For how many people there are and how close they are, they're just fantastic. They're so into it and they really want you to do well, but they'll tug on you a little bit if you hit a bad shot.

Kirk Triplett

At the quarter break, that was one thing we talked about: We know that [Woodstock] is going to come at you hard. We talked about being 'boss' with the ball, that's what we call it. The girls did a nice job.

Kyle Mccaughn

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