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They (Woodstock) are a hard team to play man-to-man, because they have five guys that are a lot alike and are hard to guard. We made the switch to the zone and it seemed to slow them down and take away a lot their passing lanes.

Neal Curland

We talked about how Wauconda was a tough loss and how Woodstock was one of the worst games we played. Win or lose against Barrington, we were going to Consolation C, so we just relaxed and had fun. The kids are enjoying themselves.

Dan Debruycker

Our organization is the construction manager for Woodstock schools. We think it's a great idea for the kids to get some new schools. They're overcrowded.

Brian Fuller

I hoped to see a lot of people, but I had no idea it was going to look like this. As far as I could see was people. It was like Woodstock.

Bob Colarossi

It was Woodstock meets Augusta out there, unbelievable. For how many people there are and how close they are, they're just fantastic. They're so into it and they really want you to do well, but they'll tug on you a little bit if you hit a bad shot.

Kirk Triplett

It sounds corny, but it was like Woodstock up there. People were everywhere.

Francis Slay

When I first did Woodstock many, many years ago, my initial impression when I went to California to look at the rushes . . . was I was appalled. I knew the performance was OK, but the visual of the crowd walking away in the mud and the way they cut it together was kind of depressing.

Eddie Kramer