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It's become very common. All of us have different titles, but for the most part, the WNBA teams have one person running the business side.

Danette Leighton

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It's going to be an exciting team. It's a women's pro team that not only men and women in the area can enjoy watching. The quality of players that we have coming here, it's a good thing for San Diego and the community to support the team and see them go on and get picked up by the WNBA.

Fred Williams

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If it was one-game elimination, youth would probably win, ... But since it is a series, I like our chances because of our experience in big games — games even bigger than the WNBA playoffs.

Dawn Staley

Anne has demonstrated to our fans and to the whole WNBA that she is one of the top coaches in the history of the league, ... We are thrilled that she will be with the Storm for years to come.

Wally Walker

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Dawn Staley has been a great ambassador for women's basketball and the Charlotte Sting in every possible aspect, ... She has meant the world to our franchise, and we wish her nothing but the best. This gives her an opportunity to compete for a WNBA championship.

Trudi Lacey

We certainly couldn't compete with that type of money. The economics of the WNBA would not allow for that type of deal.

Seth Sulka

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I'm very excited to be chosen by Portland. It's definitely a dream come true to be playing in the WNBA.

Jackie Stiles

They are the best outside shooting team in the WNBA. In just the last two minutes of the game, they put on a shooting clinic. It was good for us that we did our business early and played a good 35, 37 minutes so we can be in a position where shots like that couldn't make a big difference in the game.

Tina Thompson

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I would love to play in college and possibly play in the WNBA. But I would also like to be a coach or go into the medical field.

Cherie White

We hope we we'll get on the path for moving into the new arena (next season) and celebrating the 10th year of the WNBA. We needed to change the direction of this team before those events.

Ed Tapscott

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