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In covered lagoons, which are less efficient than fixed-film anaerobic digesters, the digestive bacteria float around, making only random contact with the manure particles. In fixed-film digesters, the bacterial growth occurs on the surfaces of the internal media that the waste must flow over, thereby assuring frequent contact. In this way, higher volumes of wastewater can be processed.

Ann Wilkie

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Operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems have essentially been abandoned.

Charles Collins

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We will look at new alternative ways to improve our wastewater system. But nothing has been decided on because we want the public to have a say in what types of upgrades the project should encompass.

Susan Leal

We're convinced it's not a human-induced condition but a natural condition brought on by wetlands and ground water. We'll recommend a re-classification of that stretch of the river so that it won't be encroached upon by human activity. It could not support a wastewater treatment plant, for example.

Jim Hodgson

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I was 8 years old. We studied wastewater disposal and planets.

Michael Zolensky

These communities have done an excellent job of removing pollutants from wastewater and complying with their permits to the degree they've been able to help expand local recreational opportunities. These communities, the operators of the facilities, and city leaders all have a right to be proud of their commitment and performance in carrying out this important responsibility.

Roger Larson

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You talk about homeland security, but to send 4 million gallons of VX (wastewater) across the country is absurd. It's absolutely crazy. It's a terrorist target.

Leonard Akers

One of the essential services a society requires is provision of fresh water and disposal of wastewater. Being involved in this industry, we are in a public health and environmental issues, so I consider myself an environmentalist and a conservationist, and that is a great satisfaction I get from doing this.

William Berkman

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Permit limits are designed to prevent wastewater discharges from polluting nearby water bodies and harming drinking water resources and habitat. We are confident the Tribal Authority will promptly make the needed corrections to bring these plants into Clean Water Act compliance.

Alexis Strauss

We may find that it's a wastewater plant operator or our parks employees whose pay we need to adjust higher. We'll know that better after we do a significant survey of 10 or 12 cities that we think we should stack up against.

Tony Williams

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