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In covered lagoons, which are less efficient than fixed-film anaerobic digesters, the digestive bacteria float around, making only random contact with the manure particles. In fixed-film digesters, the bacterial growth occurs on the surfaces of the internal media that the waste must flow over, thereby assuring frequent contact. In this way, higher volumes of wastewater can be processed.

Ann Wilkie

This is one of the first fully integrated ZLD systems on FGD wastewater streams in the United States. It is clearly indicative of a future trend in the industry and demonstrates the good corporate citizenship programs that today's coal-fired power plants are willing to pursue in generating cleaner power.

Manoj Sharma

It's a proactive management program that will help protect the integrity of the wastewater treatment system and avoid future capacity issues. It places the cost of fixing the problem on those who are experiencing it, rather than the entire region, and helps keep the overall cost to a minimum.

Jason Willett

We will look at new alternative ways to improve our wastewater system. But nothing has been decided on because we want the public to have a say in what types of upgrades the project should encompass.

Susan Leal

The MBR Center will provide our customers with more choices to cost effectively treat their wastewater. We will be able to develop new products and new configurations of MBR technology -- allowing customers to expand MBR applications, improve effluent quality and reduce costs.

Chuck Gordon

I was 8 years old. We studied wastewater disposal and planets.

Michael Zolensky

There are people who for years got together and had dinner parties who don't talk to each other anymore, ... All over how to handle our wastewater problem.

Michael Drake

You talk about homeland security, but to send 4 million gallons of VX (wastewater) across the country is absurd. It's absolutely crazy. It's a terrorist target.

Leonard Akers

There is a general lack of awareness about wastewater issues in the community. People are more in tune with the water issues because of the 2002 bond measure passed to [improve their water supply].

Susan Leal

Permit limits are designed to prevent wastewater discharges from polluting nearby water bodies and harming drinking water resources and habitat. We are confident the Tribal Authority will promptly make the needed corrections to bring these plants into Clean Water Act compliance.

Alexis Strauss