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I think John's place in Syracuse basketball history is underappreciated, ... We were facing some tough times and he easily could have turned his back on us and committed someplace else, but he stuck with us. During that 1996 tournament, he literally carried us on his shoulders to the title game.

Jim Boeheim

Cities will themselves to be great. It's an underappreciated factor.

Joel Kotkin

One of the most underappreciated aspects of the Dell story is that its recurring revenue stream is growing.

Harry Blount

[Economists said the data suggested a long-awaited change in the outlook of employers, a movement away from years of reluctance to add new workers.] The rate of job creation from 2000 through mid-'04 was just stuck in the cellar, ... and this was an underappreciated, ongoing cause of the jobless recovery.

Jared Bernstein

Osteoporosis and thinning bones is a major but underappreciated public health problem.

Miriam Nelson

Your inner life has to be rich enough that it's going to translate onto celluloid without you having to do anything. That's my favorite kind of acting, and that's also the hardest to do. And it's also the most underappreciated.

Thomas Jane

[Add to the list of recovery factors an intangible: spirit.] Cities will themselves to be great, ... It's an underappreciated factor.

Joel Kotkin

Yeah, I think we're kind of underappreciated, because we're like 10 jobs in one. We're not waitresses — we're security guards and nurses and all of these other things rolled into one.

Erika Christensen