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Everybody wants to help and there seems to be a job that fits what people like to do. One of my son's friends loves tractors and has plenty of land here to mow. There is a job for everybody.

Dawn Kelsch

The farmers like to see how far the tractors have progressed through the years. The harness racing is also a longtime favorite.

Bob Kessler

This art is fun to look at. While it's outsider art and folk art, it's urban, rather than tractors and chickens.

Kathy Silvestri

I took my old Carnation Milk truck. It was my favorite toy, but then some of my friends came to school with tractors and I really took a liking to them.

David Reed

'Old Iron' is the mechanical system that farmers have used for decades. But agriculture Tuesday relies heavily on computer technology. Computers on tractors make them more productive, more efficient. Now we have a new challenge. Is it possible to make them more intelligent?

Qin Zhang

A test drive of riding lawn equipment is very important for customers so that they have a clear understanding of their individual needs, the benefits of the tractors, and the professional expertise and support provided by our dealer network.

Paul Lam

Now kids have their parents drop them off at school in cars. Back then in these types of tiny towns there still weren't many cars - tractors maybe - but not cars in winter.

Marco Andreatta

They've got tractors and tillers and all the equipment. We encourage any local landowners to contact us if they think they'd like to do a habitat project on their property.

Jerry Uick

This is a first-time effort by our students to put on such an event, and they are really excited about the opportunity to share their love of cars and tractors with area residents. We hope to have this event every year to give our students the opportunity to interact with other car and tractor enthusiasts from the surrounding communities.

Bob Owen

We grew up with horses and mules, and we got into tractors.

Leonard Lussier

At this time of year, with tractors, combine harvesters, grain driers all in use, the farmer relies heavily on fuel. And with prices for grain still very, very depressed, it's not looking good.

Richard Dodd

It is good for younger people to see how things were done before modern conveniences when you sat in the tractor exposed to the cold, heat and rain. These tractors were before air conditioning, heat and stereos. This also gives the older people an opportunity to relive memories.

Gerald Anderson

The increasing costs of farming, from fuel for trucks and tractors to fertilizer, are beginning to wipe out farmers in Washington state.

Bill Grant

Finding parts for these old tractors is a challenge. Many steam engines were scrapped during World War II for scrap metal.

Gerald Anderson

We've got some multi-engine tractors coming that will have $60,000 apiece in them. There will be three motors on them pushing out 4,500 horsepower.

Scott Jensen

Life for these Jewish gauchos was very hard. They had no tractors, suffered from locusts and made a pittance of a living - so my father went to find work in Rosario, married there and eventually brought the whole family over.

Dr. Felix Umansky

We're just waiting for the season to begin. And I can tell you one thing for certain: All my trucks and tractors have been waxed over and over again. They're as shiny as can be, but that's not going to put food on the table.

Edward Ortega