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REDUNDANT, adj. Superfluous; needless; _de trop_. The Sultan said: 'There's evidence abundant To prove this unbelieving dog redundant.' To whom the Grand Vizier, with mien impressive, Replied: 'His head, at least, appears excessive.' Habeeb Suleiman Mr. Debs is a redundant citizen. Theodore Roosevelt.

Ambrose Bierce

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I had an angle to shoot. If you see the replay I think you'll see that Gary [Roberts] did a great job of screening Theodore out. He didn't see it that well. It was a good screen and I was fortunate to get it inside.

Joe Nieuwendyk

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[As Theodore Steinberg argues, God is getting a bum rap.] This is an unnatural disaster if ever there was one, not an act of God, ... If the potential for mass death and destruction from extreme weather existed anywhere in the U.S., it existed in New Orleans.

Theodore Steinberg

[Theodore] may have been the one who got pulled, but the whole team was to blame for the kind of effort everyone gave [Saturday].

Claude Julien

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My husband and I saw the Theodore Roosevelt hat rack, ... Mrs. Kearns' writing desk is here and so is Sen. Kearns' rocking chair. We thought growing up surrounded by history would be a privilege.

Mary Kaye

Theodore showed that he still has the qualities that made him the class player he has been over the years, and we are happy to have him back.

Heron Grey

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