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Microsoft has shown increasingly good stewardship over shareholder's capital.

James Denney

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They're not making any more Baca ranches. It has incredible biodiversity. The previous owners did practice good land stewardship. It's as pristine an area as I've ever seen.

Lois Lyles

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The foundation has been instrumental in bringing us to this point, through their leadership and wise stewardship of our resources.

Abbott Nathan Zodrow

For many years, customers have successfully leveraged ECSM in advanced nanometer designs. We recognized the importance of having the evolution of the ECSM specification be guided by leaders in the industry under the stewardship of Si2. Our customers and the entire industry will benefit from the existence of open formats that support more accurate design libraries.

Jan Willis

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From time to time, people are going to smell and see smoke. But there is one thing to remember: Whenever you smell wood smoke, it means that good land management - good stewardship - is going on in the forest.

Lane Green

DuPont is committed to safety, health and environmental stewardship.

David Mcmellon

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It's an opportunity to kick stewardship in this county into high gear.

Currie Craven

There are a lot more variables now. There is a need now to document chemical usage, stewardship, a whole range of issues.

Jeff Herrick

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The goal is to avoid surprises and instill stewardship.

Bill Swanton

Yale?s capacity to fulfill its ambitious mission has been greatly enhanced by their superb stewardship of the endowment.

Richard Levin

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When we left Washington and returned to Nashville in 1998, I kept my connections to international oceans issues with the World Wildlife Fund and the Marine Stewardship Council.

Will Martin

Those things were all possible through the stewardship program, and if we hadn't had those dollars, those lands would all be developed. I was involved in looking at those projects, inspecting them and recommending them.

Herb Behnke

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It's good Earth stewardship, and good stewardship over our own public-resource dollars.

Peter Daniels

Jim was energetic with his Board responsibilities until the end. We greatly miss the stewardship he provided to us for eight years.

Bruce Marlow

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We are very excited that the Jeep brand will sponsor this very important series to educate both the business community and the public about emerging paradigms in environmental stewardship.

John Mcguire

Kitty's donation through 1% For The Planet is a venue for businesses to partner with community organizations to enhance their environmental stewardship.

Laura Hawkins

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We are talking about the responsible stewardship of public funds coming from non-renewable natural resources and in this context the prosperity dividend makes no sense.

Roger Gibbins

We take great pride in our environmental stewardship and are addressing these issues as quickly as possible.

John Armstrong

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These funds will allow UW-Oshkosh to track energy use trends through the collection of metered data and will enable facility managers and others to further optimize energy conservation on campus. We're extremely please that we can help UW-Oshkosh in its aggressive pursuit of wise environmental stewardship.

Stephen Anderson

The one principle that surrounds everything else is that of stewardship; that we are the managers of everything that God has given us.

Larry Burkett

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