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Microsoft has shown increasingly good stewardship over shareholder's capital.

James Denney

I think the reason for that is that Gov. Warner, to a large extent, has branded the Democratic Party as the party of responsible stewardship, both financially and legislatively.

Brian J. Moran

You have to follow through on promises and demonstrate good stewardship. Much of our fund raising has been (for) physical structures. We take great pains to keep them up so people who made gifts can come back and feel like the building is a credit to them and the organization.

Dennis Daugaard

The foundation has been instrumental in bringing us to this point, through their leadership and wise stewardship of our resources.

Abbott Nathan Zodrow

This project has some serious safety implications. If we are going to allow this project to be halted or be delayed or continued for any further discussion on a third interchange when we feel that we've done everything possible to show that for many reasons it is not feasible, I think it would be poor stewardship on our part.

Stephanie Filson

From time to time, people are going to smell and see smoke. But there is one thing to remember: Whenever you smell wood smoke, it means that good land management - good stewardship - is going on in the forest.

Lane Green

The years of stewardship of this wonderful place have given me the chance to celebrate many accomplishments, overcome many challenges and make sure Seattle Center is on a solid foundation for the future.

Virginia Anderson

It's an opportunity to kick stewardship in this county into high gear.

Currie Craven

[Harvest of Hope] focuses on proper and responsible stewardship of the earth. It's more about living out the religion.

Jim Earles

The goal is to avoid surprises and instill stewardship.

Bill Swanton

We're trying to meet our obligations for flood protection and stream stewardship, and comply with all the statutes and regulations. It's a juggling act, but we do have to follow the law.

Doug Padley

When we left Washington and returned to Nashville in 1998, I kept my connections to international oceans issues with the World Wildlife Fund and the Marine Stewardship Council.

Will Martin

I think that the moral of the story here is that the city needs to have better asset managers. Inevitably the city could be making more money with proper stewardship of its assets.

Gary London

It's good Earth stewardship, and good stewardship over our own public-resource dollars.

Peter Daniels

Under his stewardship the icon that was Mercedes-Benz has been devalued. There has been a loss of fiscal discipline within the group as money has been thrown at Chrysler. The decision to acquire Chrysler in the first place has not been a great success.

Stephen Pope

Kitty's donation through 1% For The Planet is a venue for businesses to partner with community organizations to enhance their environmental stewardship.

Laura Hawkins

Enjoying the benefits of a healthy lawn and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand. It is our responsibility as the largest provider of consumer lawn and garden products to help educate consumers on stewardship issues and continuously improve products through design with the environment in mind.

Rich Martinez

We are talking about the responsible stewardship of public funds coming from non-renewable natural resources and in this context the prosperity dividend makes no sense.

Roger Gibbins

These funds will allow UW-Oshkosh to track energy use trends through the collection of metered data and will enable facility managers and others to further optimize energy conservation on campus. We're extremely please that we can help UW-Oshkosh in its aggressive pursuit of wise environmental stewardship.

Stephen Anderson

Whole Foods Market is a leader in the natural and organic foods movement, and that involves caring about our communities and respecting our environment. Offsetting 100% of our electricity use with renewable, clean energy strengthens our commitment to be a leader in environmental stewardship by helping to clean the air and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Michael Besancon