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By improving the lives of slum dwellers, we are also combating malnutrition and diseases, many of which are directly linked to overcrowding and to the lack of clean water and improved sanitation. By the same token, slum improvement helps improve environmental sustainability and addresses gender inequality in the most efficient manner.

Anna Tibaijuka

We used to say that the motivations for tourists were sea, sun and sand ... the three new S's are safety, security and sanitation.

Walter Jamieson

While it's admirable to sponsor minority NASCAR drivers, it would be even more admirable if the company paid and rewarded its own sanitation truck drivers decently.

Robert Morales

Yes, it's depressing when there's a lack of clean water and sanitation, ... But here are people living lives of vitality. I only felt welcomed.

Ralph Fiennes

I might take another cruise, but it will never be on the Carnival line, ever. To me, cleanliness and sanitation is the most important thing.

Wanda Carlson

Pressure must continue on donor and recipient governments, but we also need to encourage bottom-up solutions. If service providers are not held to account, the poor and the socially excluded will never achieve their water and sanitation rights. The groundwork has been laid. Citizens' action needs to become a movement.

Barbara Frost

The result on the ground is that five million South Africans still have no access to any basic sanitation - It is time for - real delivery.

Helen Zille

More than 98 percent of our people now have access to a reliable water supply, decent sanitation, regular refuse collection and are connected to an electricity grid that is currently being overhauled following decades of underachievement in infrastructure and maintenance.

Pascal Moloi

They will be cited. Code Enforcement will work with Sanitation. Property owners will have to make better decisions on tenants.

Paul Nutting

We've stressed to the staff that it's your responsibility to maintain good sanitation standards.

Tom Campbell

To secure better health and water and sanitation for the people of Iraq.

Margaret Hassan

Shelters here are less than comfortable, and poor sanitation can develop quickly. Residents who decide to stay in the county, even those who go to local shelters, are risking their health and safety.

Brian Adams

We interviewed almost 3,000 people to hear from them what they thought the main concerns were and there were really three main concerns. One was sanitation and a lack of jobs in Chinatown; the other was lack of housing in Chinatown, and in fact prices have gone up. People could no longer live here. And it was a quality of life issue. People felt the streets were dirty, there were not enough parks.

Robert Weber

There are 2,6 billion people in the world who have no toilets, ... They are toilet-less and what we are trying to do is to build capacity for field engineers to go down to the farms, to the rural areas, to build ecological sanitation.

Jack Sim

They'll die because of the lack of food, the lack of sanitation and the lack of water and of the diseases ... as a result of the fighting in the region.

Catherine Bertini