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11 portuguese quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

We offered him before a lot of guys could have a chance to kind of evaluate the kid. He feels very comfortable to come to play for a guy who speaks Portuguese on the coaching staff and who understands the culture and who he feels is going to look out for him.

Walter Roese

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Chris can sing a lot of different kinds of songs, so we can cover a lot of styles. But even he has limits. We won't be covering Antonio Carlos Jobim and singing in Portuguese anytime soon.

Adam Schlesinger

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We've got to win both games now. It's all or nothing against Russia. We'll need all Portuguese support behind us.

Luiz Felipe Scolari

Jamie: It's my favorite time of day, driving you. Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It is the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

Love Actually

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PORTUGUESE, A species of geese indigenous to Portugal. They are mostly without feathers and imperfectly edible, even when stuffed with garlic.

Ambrose Bierce

It has been a beautiful thing to see, the flags draped on balconies and cars, faces painted, the red and green of our cloth everywhere, ... I hope the Portuguese can keep the spirit up and lend it to their everyday lives.

Jorge Sampaio

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I grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. My background was modest, and I worked at a Portuguese bakery in town.

Emeril Lagasse