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We are not aware of any pending or imminent threat to the pipeline.

Mike Heatwole

Companies continued to build their e-businesses, resulting in increased revenue and pipeline, and improving our confidence in our ability to meet our goals for the first half of fiscal 2002, even in this challenging economic and IT spending environment.

Bill Coleman

We have been on Capitol Hill, sharing our concerns regarding whether we will get equal treatment for our content from any competitor that has both cable and internet pipeline into the home.

Chris Castro

The connection in Hobart is a significantly different kind of connection. It's a much smaller pipeline and a much smaller fee.

Dave Vaclavik

There's really nothing major out there to worry about. There's a lot of supply, a lot of corporate bonds that are in the pipeline that the market is also looking at.

Mario Derose

It has got the broadest product portfolio and the deepest pipeline of any drug stock.

John Eade

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen business is performing strongly across its eight existing restaurants and our pipeline of new sites is developing well.

Paul Campbell

The goal of the Literacy Summits is to design a pipeline between all these great organizations represented here today.

Debra Jacobs

Otherwise we have stranded gas, nowhere to go. So connecting to the pipeline is absolutely critical to raising funding and moving ahead with larger elements of the project.

Norm Miller

The level of activity has been building up the last month or two. We have a very strong pipeline headed into 2006, as do most of the M&A law firms and the investment banks.

Frank Aquila

The attacks in Nigeria on a pipeline, and the kidnapping of oil workers is nothing new for that region.

Kevin Kerr

We're seeing a tickling of inflation in the pipeline but it's not going to be passed on to the consumer.

Bruce Alston

We are entering the second quarter with a high level of activity and many initiatives in our pipeline.

Gil Shwed

The Chicago III project was put into service on April 30, 2006. This is our third expansion of the Northern Border Pipeline into the Chicago market hub, and we continue to evaluate additional opportunities to create value for our customers into this major market.

Bill Cordes

If the state goes forward with a percentage interest in the pipeline, the state may or may not request the assistance of the Permanent Fund in the financing. And we want to understand very clearly what we would be involved with before doing it.

Carl Brady

If we're going to become the kind of company we talk about in terms of business acumen, we have to have a pipeline of really great business leadership coming through.

David Murphy

For revenue and earnings growth to occur, we must stay focused on investing behind our pipeline and we must drive our current productivity efforts even harder in order to have the resources to fund those investments.

Peter Dolan

It creates a direct pipeline of companies coming out of the incubator in Israel directly to Akron.

Howard Gudell

We continue to have a robust pipeline at Abbott. There are a number of exciting things coming up...

Jennifer Smoter

This would be the biggest pipeline built in the last 20 years.

Jennifer Andrews