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144 pipeline quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

We are not aware of any pending or imminent threat to the pipeline.

Mike Heatwole

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Miscreants dug up the ground to put explosives on top of the installation. They blew up a two-and-a-half foot (75 cm) piece of the pipeline.

Arif Tareen

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The connection in Hobart is a significantly different kind of connection. It's a much smaller pipeline and a much smaller fee.

Dave Vaclavik

Folks tend to understand that a pipeline is a temporary inconvenience.

Michelle Robinson

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It has got the broadest product portfolio and the deepest pipeline of any drug stock.

John Eade

We've got $15 million to $20 million of these exchanges in the pipeline. That's a significant increase from basically no activity just 18 months ago.

Roger Ochs

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The goal of the Literacy Summits is to design a pipeline between all these great organizations represented here today.

Debra Jacobs

The stimulus already in the pipeline is sufficient.

David Hubbard

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The level of activity has been building up the last month or two. We have a very strong pipeline headed into 2006, as do most of the M&A law firms and the investment banks.

Frank Aquila

What would you do if a court ordered you to accept installation of a potentially lethal pipeline which no state agency has or will take responsibility for?

Vincent Mcgrath

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We're seeing a tickling of inflation in the pipeline but it's not going to be passed on to the consumer.

Bruce Alston

I've got eyes and ears all over the place. I want to try to get some high school kids this time, to get a little consistency. All my connections are open. We'll have to see what comes through the pipeline.

Jeff Law

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The Chicago III project was put into service on April 30, 2006. This is our third expansion of the Northern Border Pipeline into the Chicago market hub, and we continue to evaluate additional opportunities to create value for our customers into this major market.

Bill Cordes

We are short on the street, but they're in the pipeline.

Tim Bedwell

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We have an enormous sales pipeline for both applications and technology, ... Typically that's proven to be a good indicator of how we'll do.

Jeff Henley

If we're going to become the kind of company we talk about in terms of business acumen, we have to have a pipeline of really great business leadership coming through.

David Murphy

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So stay tuned I guess. It's going to be a very dynamic and interesting period from now to 2012. And we hope by the 2012 meeting that we'll be able to tell you that the Mackenzie pipeline is in fact on-stream and Alaska is getting close.

Hal Kvisle

It creates a direct pipeline of companies coming out of the incubator in Israel directly to Akron.

Howard Gudell

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This would be the biggest pipeline built in the last 20 years.

Jennifer Andrews

We don't have anyone in the pipeline right now. But, we'll probably go with the chief's recommendation.

Charles Eckstine

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