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The cult of the jellyfish is no less an imposition of a religious movementthan is the cult of the dinosaur. When designing a methodology it isundoubtedly far easier to construct a system that discourages individualdifferences, than it is to construct a system that that leverages andencourages them, but that does not mean that a methodology designed foran array of idealized.

Beau Sheil

We're not throwing darts at a dart board. There is a methodology that's been developed over the last 30 or 40 years.

David Penn

The (Russian observers') methodology appears to be: be nice to your friends.

Bruce George

With M&A still a key theme for equity markets, this methodology can continue to outperform.

Graham Secker

There has to be some methodology about who comes off that register to be interviewed. There is no standardized process.

Bob Wilson

Every two years, we help market the report. With the co-authors, we help come up with the methodology. We provide content for it, but we don't make a nickel off it.

Bob Witeck

You are guessing a little bit, but you are taking into account how many customers there are, how fast that customer base is growing, how fast is demand, and can they meet that demand. In a sense you have to look at the methodology and whether you agree with the assumptions that the analysts are making.

Greg Vogel

Only when no other reasonable alternative testing methodology exists.

Philip Morris