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In all those years I've known Pat, she never made me feel like a maid. She made me feel a key member of the family in the house. We became close friends. We called each other by our first names.

Patricia Sanders

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Being an old maid is like death by drowning, a really delightful sensation after you cease to struggle.

Edna Ferber

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There was no way that we would have thought that this was the scene where a horrible crime had occurred, with the maid out there cleaning the floor.

Cheryl Everall

She would have been a very remarkable woman, if she had not been an old maid.

Thomas Nelson Page

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Or merry swains, who quaff the nut-brown ale, and sing enamoured of the nut-brown maid.

James Beattie

Archaeology is not only the hand maid of history, it is also the conservator of art.

Edward G. Bulwer lytton

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