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I started my career on General Duty in Fort St. John.

Tim Schewe

I knew a lot before simply because I was born in Fort Worth.

Max Hill

This is really exciting news to a community that was hard-hit in the early '90s with the loss of Fort Ord.

Sam Farr

The Fort Worth Cats are proud to be able to call Twig our Championship Manager.

Carl Bell

Refugees attempting to build the blockhouse on the remains of the fort never mounted ... cannons although they may have had at least one with them.

Todd W. Braisted

Military is named after the Old Fort Kearney Military Road.

Clark Boschult

Historically, Dave was the first man born on Fort Myers Beach that we know of.

Lee Melsek

We had visited the Fort Myers area and decided this was where we wanted to go.

Vickie Woodham

Fort Frye is a good ball club, we just got good pressure on Engle.

Doug Baldwin

We were very excited about the location. The Fort Strip is happening.

Mike Dargani

We knew Fort Cherry ran their offense through her, at least that's what we saw on film. We concentrated on defending her.

Lance Frederick

Fort Collins is a good team, and playing a team like this will make us a very, very good team.

Dave Auday

Many of them may find a home at Fort Hood because of our capacity.

Thomas Metz

It's a great day for Fort Wayne, a great day for Allen County and northeast Indiana.

Larry Graham

Fort Leonard Wood really keeps us hopping.

Donna Hudson

Newton and Fort Dodge will be good. I think everyone will be OK.

Gary Swenson

They put a lot of people in here. If we could do something like that at our house, I don't think anybody would ever come to our fort and beat us.

Eric Brock