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I started my career on General Duty in Fort St. John.

Tim Schewe

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I don't think in the history of Fort Myers that we've ever had anything like this.

Lucas Benitez

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The Fort Worth Cats are proud to be able to call Twig our Championship Manager.

Carl Bell

Real estate, legal deals, ... It was the crucible of Fort Myers.

William Hanson

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Military is named after the Old Fort Kearney Military Road.

Clark Boschult

I'm not even thinking about that right now. All I'm concerned about right now is trying to beat Fort Worth and trying to win a championship here.

Kent Davison

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We had visited the Fort Myers area and decided this was where we wanted to go.

Vickie Woodham

We can't make these places Fort Knox because it is a customer-service business.

Dennis Hamilton

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We were very excited about the location. The Fort Strip is happening.

Mike Dargani

If I had more influence, ... 100 percent of the housing (on Fort Ord) would be affordable.

Sam Farr

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Fort Collins is a good team, and playing a team like this will make us a very, very good team.

Dave Auday

I would say a big event on the San Andreas would do awful things to Fort Bragg, because it is so close by. But a fault that is in Fort Bragg might be smaller, but it is right there .. . it needs to be evaluated.

Dorothy Merritts

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This building is kind of fun because Fort Wayne doesn't have a lot of mission-revival buildings.

Angie Quinn

It's a great day for Fort Wayne, a great day for Allen County and northeast Indiana.

Larry Graham

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Newton and Fort Dodge will be good. I think everyone will be OK.

Gary Swenson

That NCO has now been removed from his position, but Maj. Gen. Robert Clark, who commanded Fort Campbell and has now been promoted, was absolved of any blame.

Eric Shinseki

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