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It's a new day. Church's is evolving. We're free to do anything we want to do.

Farnaz Wallace

I think there are some concerns about the way Europe is evolving both economically and socially.

Jon Lee

Intelligence on this case is evolving and we have leads and information that have directed us to occupy these new areas.

Col. Fernando Lemos

The position will be evolving.

Debra Decourcy

Some of this, I think, we just have to recognize is evolving technology and changing law.

Bradford Smith

The relationship between the companies is evolving to meet the changing dynamics and business needs.

David Gunasegaram

We're almost there. Outdoor advertising is evolving to a world of two-way advertising very, very fast.

Stephen Freitas

This is an evolving situation.

John Juskie

The market is evolving.

Arthur Cox

We are evolving. We are always trying new things and plan to do a lot more.

Rick Ehrenfeld

There's no cause and effect between that particular incident and the policy that had been debated and evolving way before those contributions came in.

Lanny Davis

We'll keep evolving and go as far as we can go.

Matt King

We're evolving with the new store. It will have a different look on the inside than the other ones.

Kevin Gallahan

To be evolving a little.

Christopher Hill