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We still have this larger issue of the funding dilemma.

Linda Dougherty

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Banks are in now in a dilemma, so most dare not drop the rate due to the fierce competition.

Tang Xu

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It is a dilemma. It's very painful, ... It just pushes off - that much more - the day when we can bring our budget into balance.

Joel Hefley

It's a big dilemma, especially for students who are low income.

Thomas Hubbard

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I think the U.S. and ourselves are on the horns of an absolutely impossible dilemma.

Christopher Meyer

It's the classic cheap-seat-seeker dilemma. Do you wait, or do you buy?

Hugo Burge

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The problem with technology is we can't see a bottom. The dilemma right now is there is no leadership.

Annette Geddes

We have a tremendous dilemma.

Jerry Jarrell

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This is a dilemma for U.S. officials of their own making.

Dwayne Smith