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Countries in Africa deserve special attention.

David Harcharik

Sir Bob raised a lot of money for charity and for Africa and that's not to be sneered at.

Adam Gollner

Human/wildlife conflicts are becoming more acute in Africa.

Graeme Patterson

This is a bad omen, a bad bill and a disaster for Africa.

Randall Robinson

In my eye, China is a nation that can always be a friend and partner of Africa.

Alpha Oumar Konare

I am the hero of Africa.

Idi Amin Dada

They kill more people than any other animal in Africa.

Ben Jones

The students have been studying Africa for a month.

Teri Brown

It's a country in Africa, and Africa is a continent for Kenya.

James Jordan

[Koffi Annan is] a shame for Africa.

Charles Ble Goude

We are the number one team in Africa.

Mfon Udoka

It?s worldwide. It?s in Europe, Japan and Africa.

Kay Smith

This locks much of Africa out of the benefits of CDM.

Lwazikazi Tyani

Africa is a million voices.

Chris Johns

South Africa does have a history of expropriation. That is why you have an expropriation act of 1975.

Thoko Didiza

You hear a lot about Africa, but it's right here in our own home.

Garrett Gravesen

Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa.

Eartha Kitt