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Countries in Africa deserve special attention.

David Harcharik

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We'd certainly hoped not to see it in Africa.

Michael Perdue

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This is a bad omen, a bad bill and a disaster for Africa.

Randall Robinson

The Voice of Africa.

Youssou N'dour

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I am the hero of Africa.

Idi Amin Dada

This is the biggest displacement problem in Africa.

Antonio Guterres

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The students have been studying Africa for a month.

Teri Brown

South Africa can do it. They have the best infrastructure.

Jim Kim

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[Koffi Annan is] a shame for Africa.

Charles Ble Goude

We are the number one team in Africa.

Mfon Udoka

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It?s worldwide. It?s in Europe, Japan and Africa.

Kay Smith

This is an iconic project for Africa.

David Buckley

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Africa is a million voices.

Chris Johns

There is always something new out of Africa.

Pliny the Elder

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You hear a lot about Africa, but it's right here in our own home.

Garrett Gravesen

This is a sad day for Africa for Nigeria to succumb to this.

Eric Kennedy

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