Tom Tancredo
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"Thomas Gerard "Tom" Tancredo" is an United States/American politician from Colorado, who represented Colorado's 6th congressional district/the state's sixth congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 1999 to 2009, as a Republican Party (United States)/Republican. He ran for President of the United States during the United States presidential election, 2008/2008 election, and was the Constitution Party (United States)/Constitution Party's unsuccessful nominee for Governor of Colorado in 2010.

Tancredo was initially elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 1976 and served two terms. After working in the United States Department of Education during the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations, he was elected to the United States Congress, and served five terms. He decided to not seek re-election in 2008. Tancredo ran for the Republican Party nomination Tom Tancredo presidential campaign, 2008/for President in 2008, centering his campaign on the issues of illegal immigration and terrorism. He dropped out of the race in December 2007 to assist former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2008/his campaign for the nomination.

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