Steve Sabol
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"Stephen Douglas """Steve""" Sabol" was an American filmmaker. He was the president and one of the founders of NFL Films, along with his father Ed Sabol/Ed. He was also a widely exhibited visual artist.

Sabol was born in Moorestown Township, New Jersey and attended Colorado College, where he played American football/football and was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He was the subject of a humour/humorous article about his self-promotion exploits in the November 22, 1965, issue of Sports Illustrated. He began working at NFL Films as a cameraman alongside his father Ed Sabol (1916-2015) after graduation. He started in the filming industry when his father got the rights to the 1962 NFL Championship Game, played in Yankee Stadium (1923)/Yankee Stadium on December 30.

This company eventually grew into NFL Films, with Sabol serving mainly as a cameraman, editor and writer in the 1960s and 1970s. When ESPN was founded 1979, they soon signed NFL Films as a production company and Sabol became an on-air personality in the 1980s. He won 35 Emmy Awards and had a documentary about him air on 60 Minutes. Sabol played a part in founding the NFL Network.

He is the author of the poem "The Autumn Wind", later adopted by the Oakland Raiders as an unofficial anthem.

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