"Sean Stewart" is a United States-Canadian science fiction and fantasy author.

Born in Lubbock, Texas, Sean Stewart moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1968. After stints in Houston, Texas, Vancouver, British Columbia, Irvine, California, Monterey, California and Davis, California, he now lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife and younger daughter.

He received an Honors degree in English studies/English from University of Alberta in 1987, following which he spent many years writing novels. He gradually moved from writing novels to interactive fiction, first as lead writer on the Web based Alternate Reality Game ([http://www.cloudmakers.org]) The Beast.

He served as a consultant on several computer games, and was on the management team of the 42 Entertainment/4orty2wo Entertainment experiential marketing and entertainment company, where he was lead writer for Haunted Apiary/Haunted Apiary aka ilovebees and Last Call Poker. His newest novel Cathy's Book seems to represent the melding of his two careers, as it crosses the alternate reality game format with a teen novel. In 2007, he and several 4orty2wo co-founders left that company to start Fourth Wall Studios, where they won an Emmy for interactive television in 2013. In 2014, he joined MIcrosoft's Xbox Studios as Creative Director.

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